He really does see and know the smallest thing about you… Matthew 10:30

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… “Alice, this is your chance to get healed.”

“Once again I was home watching TV, with terrible pain in my head. From an early age, I suffered from chronic headaches. I was sad knowing that my parents had spent much money trying to get help for me. The TV preacher called for the sick to come up so he could pray for their healing. I saw people talk about how all the pain left when they were prayed for. Every time I saw these programs, I was told to turn the channel. Our Catholic priest said that these people were from the devil, this time I secretly wondered if God could heal me and free me from my pain.

The next day I was invited to attend a Good News Club meeting with my friend. The teacher taught about prayer. He shared that God loves us and that anytime we pray God hears us. He said that God wants us to tell Him about our problems and ask Him to help us.

After this teaching, we were told to pray for about 10 minutes, then be quiet and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Even though I was skeptical that God would talk to me, I obeyed the teacher. To my surprise after a few minutes of silence, a boy called Julius said,” The Lords telling me that there’s someone here who has had chronic headaches for many years.” I froze and thought how does he know this about me. He said “Whoever this person is please come forward and we will pray for you to be healed.” He said this 3 times. All of a sudden I heard a voice telling me, “Alice, this is your chance to get healed.” The voice was clear. I knew God was speaking to me and went forward. The other children prayed for me and since that day I have never experienced headaches again. I thank God not only for healing me, but also speaking to me for the first time. I love to pray now and listen to the Lord.”

(Excerpts taken from a testimony of an 13 year Ghanaian club member)

Thank you for helping us introduce the redemptive and healing power of Jesus to children in Africa.

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Jamie & Debi Saunders