We’ve never been captured by pirates but…

We have been held a gunpoint a few times, watched as heavy artillery fire skimmed overhead, were there when statues of Lenin were torn down as the Soviet Union crumbled, witnessed unbelievers so hungry for a touch from Jesus that a mob ran down a Believer in order to receive prayer.jamdeb

We’ve personally delivered the first Bibles in history in some languages, talked to the first known Believer among an un-reached people group, survived the convergence of 2 typhoons at sea and so much more.

In short, we have been privileged to serve God in un-reached areas of the world for more than 25 years to over 40 nations. In that time Jamie has had the privilege to serve as director for two wonderful organizations, Friend Ships and then Living Word Missions.

In 2005 we founded New World Ventures to focus on bringing the Gospel to the least reached places on Earth. A primary focus of NWV is on youth and children that would otherwise have little or no access to the Gospel.

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Jamie & Debi Saunders