At the mention of that Name…

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As they began to burn the talisman, I felt very ill as though I was going to die

“When I was very young my grandfather gave me a talisman. He said the purpose of this talisman was to make me stronger and cause me to be undefeated by any person. From that day forward my life hinged around the talisman. It became a deep curse and instead of it being something I used, it took control of my life for evil.

This force subjected me to so much humiliation. I felt powerless against it’s influence and I did all the bad things that it told me to do. If It became displeased, the only thing that could appease it was to fight someone or batter my own body until I bled. One of the things that bothered me most is that it caused me to see other people as inferior. I came to value no one, whether young or old. I was driven to do things which filled my life with regret and pain.

I was at the point of despair for my life. Even though my parents forbid me, I went to a Christian’s home in my village to seek help. As I drew near his home I heard noise. When I got closer, I realized it was the sound of children praying and singing. I was curious and wanted to see what they were doing. I was so interested that I joined their activities even though I knew my family would not approve.

That day the lesson was about “All power belongs to Jesus” which I found very strange because I had never heard that there was a God that had power over everything. After the lesson the children started praying. Before I realized what I was doing, I had taken the talisman off and urged them to destroy it.

As they began to burn the talisman, I felt very ill as though I was going to die until I lost consciousness. When I woke up I felt so free yet I was afraid because I was always taught that if I purposely harmed the talisman that I would die. The club leaders prayed and encouraged me, assuring me that I was now God’s child and no evil could harm me. Now my heart is always at peace since I have surrendered my life to Jesus the all powerful one and I thank God for delivering me.” (excepts from 13 year old Able from Ghana)

Thank you for helping us and others reach children like Able, in regions that have little or no gospel with God’s love and power.